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Working at Hudson

No two days are the same working at a Hudson Healthcare Home.  Our teams of staff not only look after the people living within our care, but also look after each other.  Hudson Healthcare will give you the support and training for you to perform your duties to the best of your abilities and always ensure that you views are listened to so that everyone feels part of the team that delivers outstanding care to each and everyone of our residents.

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What Hudson looks for in employees

Since our inception, Hudson Healthcare has been on a mission to be the first-choice care home for residents and colleagues in each of the communities we serve.

We endeavour to make a real difference to the lives of older people, by providing the best possible care to each of our residents.

We invest in training and support and encourage our staff to learn, lead, grow professionally and build their careers with us.

It is very important that our staff are caring, kind and always put our residents first. A great level of empathy and understanding is needed, working in care, to ensure that we can assist residents with their daily needs.  Our team are personable and reliable, having an understanding that no two days will be the same. Our staff are also team players, working together closely with colleagues and ensuring that each member of the team supports and assists one another.

The Application Process

Contact the home that you are wishing to work at - a suitable date will be discussed with you for interview.

Arrive on the interview date early to ensure that your application form for the position is correctly completed.

Have your interview.

A decision will be made as to whether you are successful in your application.

If successful, we will need to complete a DBS check (different in Scotland) and await its return before you can commence work.

Congratulations.  You are now a member of the Hudson Healthcare Team

Why our staff chose Hudson

Sandiacre Court Care Centre

Hudson Healthcare is like no other care company I have worked for before; the company encourages you to thrive and grow and develop your skills and knowledge; they invest in their employees and push them to better themselves.

Lornebank Care Centre

I chose to work for Lornebank as previous employers were not accommodating me with my childcare needs. Since working with Lornebank Care Centre I have set days which I work, and which helps me organise my family time. I enjoy caring for all the residents and my work colleagues have made me feel part of a team.

Harbour Care Centre

A friend of mine worked here and said it is a nice place to work, this was 9 years ago The pay has got better, the care given has got better over the years.

Harbour Care Centre

The care home has a friendly atmosphere that provides home from home for our residents in a safe & caring environment, where their interests and needs are met, plus it is closeby to me.

Staff member
Pitkerro Care Centre

Being able to work alongside the management team was an integral part of why I chose to apply for Pitkerro as they are focused and driven to deliver high standards of care and always seek the best outcomes for their residents and staff. Being part of a team that have these standards encourages and stives you to be a better employee.