Live with us

Life at Hudson

We know that everyone is different, so we try to ensure that living in a Hudson Healthcare Home is like living at Home, just with the support of our staff 24-hours a day, if you need it.  We want you to enjoy living with us and retain your independence in your daily tasks.  You’ll be with like-minded individuals within a community of people, enjoying activities, great meals and great surroundings.

The Application Process

We know that choosing a care home, whether it be for a permanent or fixed period, is a huge decision. Prospective residents, their family and friends experience a wide range of emotions.  We at Hudson Healthcare will do all we can to help you through this transition and assist your loved one to settle in at the home, quickly and happily.

We believe we make a difference to the lives of every one of our residents by providing personalised care in an environment filled with love, warmth and security.

Our aim is to keep your loved one safe, maintaining as much of their independence as possible and continuing their daily lives and connections within the community.

If you wish to enquire about becoming a resident on behalf of a loved one, firstly we would need to take down some details from yourself and the potential resident.  We would then need to carry out a full assessment of the potential resident to ensure that we can care for their needs, to gain insight and inform you of the fee at the home of your choosing.  From this point, the ‘move in’ date is discussed and then the resident can officially move in.

Congratulations and welcome to the Hudson Healthcare family.

Why our residents chose Hudson

Sandiacre Court Care Centre

All the day staff on the top floor (maple) are very hard workers. Can have a good laugh, always friendly. I would definately come back again. Thank you so much for a lovely stay.

Pitkerro Care Centre

I came in for respite initially but I made the decision to stay as I felt content and even though I could of moved closer to home I was happy at Pitkerro. I am able to do what I want, watch what I want and listen to what I want.

Harbour Care Centre

‘I chose Hudson healthcare because they provide a home from home service. The rooms are spacious and clean. The care our parents receive is faultless and they have provided us with peace of mind. They welcome us and our families and we feel our parents receive the care they deserve. They have been there when we needed them most and nothing is too much trouble.’--

Lornebank Care Centre

Lornebank Care Centre was my first choice after seeing other care facilities in the area, I am very happy with all staff, they accommodate all my needs. I have built great friendships with other residents within the Livingston unit and would recommend Lornebank Care Centre to family and friends.

Harbour Care Centre

I love the easy access to the Marina location, I am very happy here

Harbour Care Centre

The staff and residents seemed very friendly. I feel safe and well looked after here

Harbour Care Centre

My husband lived here first, and he was happy. From visiting him I saw how nice it is here, so when the time came I chose it for myself.

Harbour Care Centre

It is friendly and homely