Poem by Carer Jade Lieberman

Huge thank you to one of our amazing carers, Jade Lieberman, for sharing a really beautiful poem she has written. It is a really powerful insight into the incredible work that all our staff do to ensure that our residents are consistently provided with the highest quality of care. We cannot thank you all enough for your tireless commitment to our residents’ needs.

Poem, by Jade Lieberman
From sunrise to sunset we meet all your needs,
We make sure you’re washed and dressed and cleaned,
We paint your nails and brush your hair, we treat you like family when your own isn’t there,
We make perfect cuppas for when you get cold,
We help you feel active, no matter how old,
We fill up your tummies yummy hot food,
We give you respect, no matter what mood,
We know it’s hard, you get more lows than highs,
We dry every teardrop if anyone cries,
We dance and we sing to bring life back into your eyes, (we’re really magicians-this is just a disguise!)
We give warm hugs when you get scared, we always worry because we care,
We don’t get lazy and we don’t quit, because you (our dear ones) deserve better than this,
I’ve never know professionals who can be so persistent,
Who are we ? Just guess…
We’re care assistants!