‘Therapy baby’ Ziva makes her entrance

A care home in Dundee has found a novel way to brighten up the home by introducing a ‘therapy baby’ that has proved to be a hit with residents and visitors alike.

Chika Ugwoke has been working at Pitkerro care home a Senior Carer four year and when Ziva was a new-born, Chika would bring her in, so she could continue working. Many months have passed and now Chika has begun bringing Ziva, now one, into the home on a regular basis to interact with the residents.

Residents and staff refer to her as the ‘therapy baby’ because of the light and laughter she brings to the home. Recently, there has been much research into the benefits of intergenerational activity as it helps to combat isolation and loneliness in older people and breaks down barriers of age. Through meaningful activities, the young and old can build relationships.

Margaret Fyffe, a resident at Pitkerro, said: “Ziva is such a darling. She is so smiley and self-assured, not at all like me when I was younger, and she is so happy to sing and dance with everyone. She really is a delight!”

Chika Ugwoke, Senior Carer at Pitkerro, said: “I love bringing Ziva to the home. She is the youngest of my three children and her position in the family has made her vibrant and confident. It’s healthy for her to interact with older people and not to be frightened of them, and I can see that the residents gain from it too! I hope that this can become regular event.”




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