Weekly Update – w/c 27th April

Amidst increased risks posed by coronavirus, we are committed to ensuring that we continue to deliver the highest quality of care for our residents in a safe and sterile environment.

We continued to spread our thanks, love and support for the NHS and all key workers, who are working tirelessly on the frontline every day to protect us all with bright and colourful rainbow posters in our windows.

On the 28th April, we held a minute silence to honour the selflessness and commitment of all key workers, whilst remembering those that have devastatingly lost their lives protecting others. They truly are the unsung heroes, risking their lives to help the vulnerable on a daily basis. Coming together to celebrate their continued dedication and tireless work in this way was a very heart-warming moment indeed. Our thoughts are with their families and loved ones.

We received a generous donation of a vast selection of treats from the Neighbourhood Watch Portishead. It certainly brightened up our day! The selflessness and kindness displayed by the community has meant so much to all of us here at Harbour Residential and we cannot thank you all enough!